It is a video-performance-painting about trusting yourself. In this piece the performer produces an artwork without seeing her creation with the paints, and improvises a dance piece blindfold. She does not know what she’s creating; yet she frees her body and lets it wander to create body movements. Despite the blindfold effect, she surrenders to whatever obstacle that forefronts her and decides to trust herself. 

Today’s society is encompassed by idealism and in juxtaposition, this work represents letting go of every perfectionism principle and trusting oneself.

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Concept: Rojin Shafiei

Performance, Words, Narration: Tina Bararian
Sound Design: Maryam Nazari
Drone Operator: Danny Saywack
Second Camera, Edit: Rojin Shafiei 

Duration: 5':05"
Dec 2017

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