The Toaster I used to Live in

A single channel documentary-experimental video about 4 girls living in Iran; same age but different traditional and religious backgrounds and they express their opinions about having sex with their own beliefs. 

I have already known about the background of these four girls.Since having sex before marriage is illegal in Iran,  I asked them some questions about this subject and let them speak in front of the camera. 

The first interviewer is not only comfortable with having sex, she believes having abortions (which is illegal in Iran) are fine, too. 

The second girl uses drugs but she wants to have sex with someone she knows he will stay in her life forever. 

Third participant tells the story her sex with her boyfriend who is a family friend, too when their making love turns to sex for the first time. 

The fourth girl who is religious explain about her family background and she say even if she wants to have sex, her family do not accept her anymore.  

Concept: Rojin Shafiei

Performer: Lena Boss 

Camera and Editing: Rojin Shafiei

Length: 6':55"


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